About Us

Dimple Bracket was invented by an individual with 25 years’ experience in the commercial construction business with a large Mid-West commercial construction company that built wood framed projects throughout U.S. 

Consistency is the key to efficient work, a quality product, and yes, Safety!

While performing work and jobsite inspections across the country, it was observed that fall protection safety efforts of wood framed contractors, subcontractors, and even sub-subcontractors involve guardrails that have no consistency other than the height of the rails.  Observations were constantly made of poor connection points for guardrail posts with too few fasteners and little connection overlap to the structure resulting in guardrail systems that fail with very little pressure applied…far short of the 200 lbs current OSHA standards require.  The guardrail posts, in nearly all cases, are also installed with the flat side of the lumber against the building which is the weakest orientation.

The installation of current wood guardrail systems is seen repeatedly done using either expensive lifting equipment or hanging off/over building edges that are often 10’ or more which creates a fall hazard during the process used to prevent a fall hazard…trading one hazard for another.  Additionally, removal of the typical wood guardrail system is done in the same fashion as the installation and much of the lumber finds the ground with nails not-clinched, another hazard, and a good portion ends up in the dumpster as its easier to throw away than remove all the nails so it is useable.

We realized we CAN do better!

What were the goals when developing Dimple Brackets?

Provide a system that is consistent for installation and capacity. Our brackets are bent, installed and removed the same way every time and will meet OSHA compliance when installed correctly.
Keep it simple. Four brackets make up the entire system and workers can be trained in a short time to bend and install the brackets, proficiency is attained very quickly without retraining time and time again.

Don’t create safety hazards to eliminate hazards. Our brackets are installed when the wall is laying down so the posts are already in place for the floor above when the walls are raised.

Save time and materials. There are very few fasteners required with the Dimple Brackets so time in removing or materials thrown in the dumpster become non-issues.

Make it easy for Dimple Brackets to be the company standard. The brackets are disposable, so no inspections are needed or loading and transportation from job to job.  The brackets are delivered to the job, utilized, then thrown away…easy.

Make them affordable. The brackets are inexpensive and nearly cost neutral when companies analyze the true costs of labor, material, insurance risks from poor systems being used, citation considerations, and the time to train personnel in an industry where seeing the same worker every job is almost non-existent.

    Why not implement Dimple Brackets into your safety program?  They are affordable, simple, and work the same way every time.