1. How many of each bracket come in an order?

The brackets come in sets of 50 shrink wrapped.  There will be up to 4 sets per box received to keep the weight under 50 lbs so orders of more than 4 sets will be in more than one box.

2. What will I be receiving when I order Dimple Brackets? 

3. Do I have to bend these bracket myself?

Yes. The brackets need to be bent on the jobsite.  A laborer and simple bending station will allow for quick bending by an unskilled person so the skilled labor can continue with the carpentry work.  Dimple Brackets are shipped out flat so that storage and taking extra units to another job is easily accomplished. Please review the Installation Guide for a full description of these details.

4. What type of nail gun and nail do I need to use to install these brackets for my guard rail system?

A standard pneumatic framing nail gun can be used to secure the brackets.  Hand driving nails will work as well but there is no pilot hole provided for hand driving nails except where duplex nails can be used to prevent rails from moving within the brackets.  See the Dimple Bracket Installation Guide for details.

5. What does it mean that Dimple Brackets meet "OSHA Standards?"

When installed correctly Dimple Brackets are designed to resist the 200 lb force that OSHA requires temporary guardrails to withstand.  These are a one time use product so brackets that have been installed or subjected to a jobsite impact cannot be reused.

6. What type of warranty does the Dimple Bracket System have?

Our limited warranty can be found HERE


7. How do I know how many brackets to order?

Download our ready to use calculator HERE. Simply input the numbers for the various categories and the calculator will produce the numbers of each type of bracket you need to order.